BABA-YAGA/The Fantastical tragical Clown show. coming soon in French!

BABA-YAGA/The Fantastical tragical Clown show. coming soon in French!
Modern clown theatre FOR ADULTS is the most intimate, philosophical and vulnerable kind of comedy. Language: very simple English, Spanis, French is posssible! Duration: approx. 60 min Note: this show is for adult audiences. Baba-Yaga is a well-known figure from Slavic folklore. Mad, bad and dangerous, haglike and ugly, she lives in the forest, isolated and abandoned, grumbling, grouchy, wild and untamable, a figure used to frighten children into obedience. Klusha is fascinated by Baba-Yaga. She sympathizes with the lonely figure and her search for the humanity behind the terrifying images leads Klusha to decide to create a fantastical tragical clown show about Baba-Yaga. Through her journey to create such a show, Klusha discovers that Baba-Yaga lives deep within Klusha herself, and so her fantastical tragical show becomes a completely different story than the one she intended to present. As in all fairy tales, Baba-Yaga here is not the focus, but a key to the plot. As a nature spirit, with her wisdom, wit, and ability to provoke wonders, this inner Baba Yaga guides Klusha during her journey through her fractured world, disordered and illuminated by memory and imagination. Discoveries are made. Things are lost. Through a powerful weave of laughter, tears and magic, Klusha reaches a moment of transcendence and transformation. _______ Baba Yaga premiered at the clownin International Women's Clown Festival in Vienna in November, 2010. Audience reaction was overwhelming: people were crying and laughing at the same time. Baba-Yaga differs from what people expect of a clown show: there are no circus tricks, no slapstick, no traditional gags, and no mime. Instead, Baba-Yaga seeks to be an authentic, provocative display of innocence and experience. The play celebrates the sheer beauty of being human, being pure and honest. Baba-Yaga is deeply affecting, poetical and philosophical. This form of clowning tries to find a deep connection with the audience, as well as creating a shared experience. Albina Matuzko describes the piece: “I continue to discover new things about Baba-Yaga every time I perform the show. There are so many different points of view, layers beyond the surface, messages in between the words. There are so many rich symbols in this story. That is why, after each performance, I love when audience members tell me what they think the piece is about. Their responses surprise me every time. It is very risky to make a clown theatre piece like this one. When I go on stage I depend on the willingness of the audience to enter into a relationship with me and – most importantly – with themselves. What is most important is that the audience is affected by the performance, whether or not they agree with or sympathize with the story. It is great if people watching the show personalize the story and both their and my experience of it evolve synchronously, resulting in a shared experience. This is how the story told by the clown becomes universal.” Albina Matuzko, a citizen of the Netherlands originally from Ukraine, now lives on the Carribean island of Sint Maarten. She studied theatre at The Kiev State Institute of Fine Arts, Ukraine. As a clown she has participated in international clown Festivals: Klovnbuf in Ljubljana, Slovenia (2011), Clownin, Vienna, Austria (2008, 2010), Meppel, Netherlands (2010), De Pallaces, Andorra (2009), Esse Monde de Mulher PalhaƧa, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil (2007) and in Svenborg, Denmark (2009). Sue Morrison, director and co-writer, has been teaching, directing and collaborating on Clown and Bouffon across the globe for more than 25 years. Her students are currently featured in Cirque de Soleil, Slava’s Snow Show, Blue Man Group, the Second City and on other international stages. Today, Morrison’s unique and powerful work brings together the diverse elements of Native American clowning, Clown through mask, Bouffon, Le Jeu and improvisation, ultimately creating dynamic performance spectacles. Her clown shows have risen to the top of the festival scene and have been presented in theatres around the world. Sue’s shows have been described as “existential vaudeville”, “riveting theatre”, and “pure genius." She has co-created and directed more than 30 shows.


Theatre FOR and WITH kids!

Theatre FOR and WITH kids!
Interactive theatre for different events for kids. It means that kids are not just a Spectators, but Participants! It could be as a part of any kinds of acitvities for children from 5y.o theatre and/or clowns classes for kids and adults: joy and pleasure are garanted!

Introduction to the Art of Clown, clownclasses at St.Maarten, from 11 or 12 Feb.

The clown is a “Master of the Art of Living”. He exists within everyone! Discovering your own clown means bringing more Joy, Love and Pleasure in your life and be capable to connect with your inner self and with others from heart to heart”
This course is an invitation to you to empower yourself, empty your busy head, open up  your mind and go to the energy source in your belly and senses in your heart.
Primarily through the use of games, dance and directcontact with each other, following your impulses and acting at the moment, you will discover the magic and power of improvising. You can re-experience your spontaneity, imagination, freedom and playfulness. You learn to embrace your mistakes and have fun to take risks, conquering fears. And if you will be able at the end to laugh at the beauty of your own ridiculousness, your life might seem easier.
No previous experience is necessary to start. You donot have to be Smart, Brave, Funny, and it is absolutely great if you think you are far from being Perfect J
In other words: this basic course of clowning is good for everyone’s development.
This course is especially useful for those daily in contact with people, like teachers, nurses and doctors, managers, politicians, policemen, officials, housewives, papa’s and mama’s… Artists of all kinds of various performing arts could  may enrich their own creative personalityskills.
A second step will be discovering the clown’s character, emotions, andclowns routines and clowning for special purposes, like care- or hospital-clowning, street- or theatre –clowning…
When: from 11 OR 12 February (depend on participant’s preferences):
5 Saturdays:  February 11, 18, 25 and March 3, 10 OR
            5 Sundays:  February 12, 19, 26 and March 4, 11
Hours: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
              Where: John Larmonie Center (Imbali and Motiance dance schools), Philipsburg  (next to the sports school and across the Toyota store).
Price: a total price of the whole generalcourse of 5 sessions is US $160
If you are interested and/or if you have booking questions, mail me as quick as possible and mention your day of preference:
Facebook/ Albina Matuzko, 588-44-39
For any furter information:
KLUSHA on stage: short performances for gala's, variete shows, dinner-shows, events, parties....
Just click on video presentation to have some image

Klusha: show's, improvisations, walk-about-aroun, interaction, animation for
  • Cabarets and variete-show's,
  • Clown and Theatre festivals,
  • party and corporate events,
  • Gala's and dinner-show's
  • health and social care

Zusters Zooitje: clown's First aid –post

The Zusterszooitje-nurses run an alternative First Aid-post at: congresses, schools, sport activities, companies, shops, markets, care institutions, funfairs, festivals, police stations, municipalities, and all other imaginary and (im)possible events.
They are there to prevent any small, large and very large accidents.They will come up with clownesk treatments for all predictable and unpredictable injuries. Their treatment is very interactive, and their “patient’s” wellbeing is their main concern. They will give you valuable advice, whether you want it or not.
Of course the nurses will adjust their treatment methods to your specific wishes.

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